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either pron.
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Note: Cp. outher pron.
(a) Both (of two), both things, both persons;--also as adj.; (b) all (of more than two), one and all, every, any; (c) either..and, ~..ge, ~ge..and, ~ge..ge, both..and; not only..but also.
(a) Each of two, each one; (b) as adj.: each.
(a) her ~, their ~, each of them, each of the two; our ~, each of us two; unker ~, your ~, each of you two; ereither = her either or?ever either; (b) ever ~, each, either, both (emphatic).
(a) either..other, each..the other; (b) either other, each other, both, one another, each the other; (c) either after other, in turn, in succession; (d) either in other, mutually.
(a) Either (of two), either (alternative); (b) as emphatic adv.: also, too.

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