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droppen v.
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(a) Of a liquid: to fall in drops, run down, drip down, trickle; ~ on the chimb, drip on the rim, run low; also fig. of the heavens: to fall as rain; ~ fro feith, turn from the true belief; (b) to drop (a liquid), sprinkle (sth.); sprinkle, scatter.
(a) To be covered with a liquid, overflow, drip; exude moisture; shed tears; of the nose: to run; ~ in (of, on), be covered with (sth.), be dripping with (blood, sweat); (b) to exude (a liquid); shed (tears); (c) ppl. dropping, droppende, dripping; of a house, a roof: leaking; of eyes, nose, etc.: running; ~ mone, ?misty moon, ?waning moon.
To sprinkle liquid on (sth.); bespatter (sth.); of blood, tears: fall on (sth.).
Of a solid object: to fall, drop; of a living creature: fall, sink to the ground; ~ doun ded, ~ to deth, drop dead.
Fig. (a) To pour (words); instill (an idea or a feeling into the mind or soul); (b) to conceive or produce (tricks); ~ wiles; shower down (miracles), perform in abundance.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425(c1384) WBible(1) (Corp-O 4)Ezek.21.2 : Sone of man…drop [L stilla] to the seyntuaries, and prophecy thou aʒens the erthe of Israel.
  • Note: Belongs to sense 5.(a). The King James Version has "drop thy word toward the holy places." The general sense here is "to preach".--notes per MLL