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drast n.
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(a) Dregs, lees; sediment, scum; -- usually pl.; (b) the refuse of grapes after the juice has been pressed out; drastes of honi, wax; (c) dirt, refuse; also, garbage (?or mast) fed to hogs; (d) fig. the worst or poorest of anything; clei of drastes, slough of iniquity; resten in drastes, to be inert or sluggish. [See also oil ~, wax ~, win ~.]
Physiol. (a) Impurities in a humor; (b) waste products of digestion, fecal matter; hard drastes; (c) the sediment of a humor, the poorest part.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475 Yale-BA.Artist.Recipes (Yale-BA R486.M43 1450) 93/7 : Strayne hit thorogh a bagge of canvas so that all the drastes be lefte þerin.
  • Note: Need date, sense 1.(a).
  • a1500 Rwl.C.506 Artist.Recipes (Rwl C.506) 165/15 : Put all þese togedir in a pott of erthe with all þe drastis and keuyr it.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 1.(a). New spelling (pl.) = drastis.
  • a1500 Sln.122 Artist.Recipes (Sln 122) 86/37 : Take fyne chalk, and loke þat þer be non of drest or of soonde þerin.
  • Note: Clarke's gloss = 'grit'. Additional quot., sense 2. New spelling (drest).