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alōe(s n.
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Aloe: (a) the tree; (b) the juice or resin of the tree, aloes; (c) med. the drug aloes; ~ caballinum (cicotrine, epatik).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 *Hrl.Bk.Hawking (Hrl 2340)34a : For A hawke þat may not caste, gyfe hyr halowynsicatre þe quantite of A praty castyng.
  • a1475 *Hrl.Bk.Hawking (Hrl 2340)34a : For bolnyng of þe gutt of sornes in þe fote of an hawke, Take halowynsicatre & þe whyte of A negge.
  • Note: New comb. for (c)