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āble adj.
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(a) Of persons: capable of doing something, expert in an art or science, qualified to practice a trade or profession, skilful, competent; ~ maister, ~ werkman; of a woman: old enough to marry; (b) with inf.: having the power (to do or become sth.), capable, competent, qualified; (c) with for (to, into) phrase: having a capacity (for doing sth.), suited (to an action or occupation), able to attain (virtue), capable (of profiting).
(a) Of things: suitable for a use or purpose, appropriate, fitting; sufficient for a purpose, adequate; (b) with inf.: fit (to be used for sth.) capable (of being treated in a certain manner), suitable; ~ to ben beleved, believable; ~ to speken, utterable; (c) with inf.: capable (of doing sth.); bering ~, able to bear crops; (d) with to (for) phrase: suitable (for an activity), conducive (to an activity), suited (to a purpose).
(a) Of persons: worthy, deserving, honorable, excellent; (b) with inf.: worthy (to be or to have sth.), worthy (to be called, chosen, etc.); (c) with to (of) phrase: deserving of (sth.), fit to become (an apprentice), worthy to enter (the kingdom of God), worthy to receive (divine grace), etc.; (d) with noun: deserving (a bishopric).
(a) Of things: good, excellent, strong, useful; of an excuse: acceptable, valid; of movement: agile, vigorous; (b) with inf.: worthy (to be sacrificed); (c) with to (for) phrase: worthy (of sb.), excellent enough; ~ for a king, fit for a king; (d) with to (til, for) phrase: appropriate (to the human body, one's complexion, etc.), suitable (for birds, fruit, etc.); also, bad enough (for sth.); ~ ayein, commensurate with, appropriate to.
(a) Of persons: gracious, pleasant; ~ of person; obedient, yielding; (b) with inf.: willing (to do sth.); (c) with inf.: capable (of undergoing sth.); apt or likely (to be treated in a certain way, to suffer a certain fate), liable; (d) with to phrase: liable or subject (to sth.).
(a) Of an action: agreeable, seemly; of a planetary aspect: favorable; (b) with inf.: apt or likely (to suffer or undergo sth.); (c) with to (of) phrase: in the proper state (to undergo a process).