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Generation of Complex Sound Sequences using Physical Models with Dynamical Structures Tache, Oliver; Cadoz, Claude
An Introduction to Eco-Structuralism Opie, Timothy; Brown, Andrew R.
Enmeshed: live in 3D fog~ Clarke, Michael
Time Slices, Graphic Scores and Music Composition Evans, Brian
Waveguide-based Room Acoustics through Graphics Hardware Röber, Niklas; Spindler, Martin; Masuch, Maic
From Score-Based Approach Towards Real-Time Control in PWGLSynth Laurson, Mikael; Norilo, Vesa; Penttinen, Henri
Fantasy Birds in Yazi's Dream Ayers, Lydia
Raster Scanning: A New Approach to Image Sonification, Sound Visualization, Sound Analysis And Synthesis Yeo, Woon Seung; Berger, Jonathan
The ixi Instruments as Semiotic Machines Magnusson, Thor
Pocket Gamelan: mobile media for microtonal performance Schiemer, Greg; Havryliv, Mark
Shifty Looping: meter-aware, non-repeating rhythmic loops Wright, Matthew
Sound Synthesis Affected by Physical Gestures in Real-time Graugaard, Lars
Mood Mapping Technologies Within Hybrid Audio Design Graugaard, Lars; Arnspang, Jens
Metamodels and Design Patterns in CSL4 Pope, Stephen Travis; Amatrianin, Xavier; Putnam, Lance; Castellanos, Jorge; Avery, Ryan
GranCloud - A New SuperCollider Class for Real-time Granular Synthesis Lee, Terry A.
miniAudicle and ChucK Shell: New Interfaces for ChucK Development and Performance Salazar, Spencer; Wang, Ge; Cook, Perry
Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Fingering Detection System for Piano Performance Takegawa, Yoshinari; Terada, Tsutomu; Nishio, Shojiro
FOMUS, a Music Notation Software Package for Computer Music Composers Psenicka, David
Flexible Scheduling for DataFlow Audio Processing Burroughs, Neil; Parkin, Adam; Tzanetakis, George
Functors for Music: The Rubato Composer System Mazzola, Guerino; Milmeister, Gérard
On Musical Scale Rationalization Grôf, Albert
Fourier Oracles for Computer-Aided Improvisation Amiot, Emmanuel; Noll, Thomas; Andreatta, Moreno; Agon, Carlos
Melodic Clustering Within Topological Spaces of Schumann's Trôumerei Buteau, Chantal
Melodic Topologies Adiloğlu, Kamil; Obermayer, Klaus
Integrated System for Cross-Platform/Cross-Application Education on Sound Synthesis and Signal Processing Cipriani, Alessandro; Giri, Maurizio
Exploring Cognitive Process Through Music Composition Lockhart, Adam; Keller, Damián
Third-Order Ambisonic Extensions for Max/MSP with Musical Applications Wakefield, Graham
Amber: A Granular Sampling Application for Mac OS X Bernard, Jennifer; McCabe, Matthew; Hoffmann, Kenneth
Digital Autonomy In Electroacoustic Music Performance: Re-Forging Stockhausen Esler, Robert
Cooperative Multimedia Environments for Technology-Enhanced Music Playing and Learning with 3D Posture and Gesture Supports Ong, Bee; Khan, Ali; Ng, Kia; Bellini, Pierfrancesco; Mitolo, Nicola; Nesi, Paolo
Spectral and Granular Spatialization with Boids Kim-Boyle, David
Jamoma: A Modular Standard for Structuring Patches in Max Place, Tim; Lossius, Trond
Providing Rhythm Patterns in Sound Synthesis Graugaard, Lars
The Table is The Score: An Augmented-Reality Interface for Real-Time, Tangible, Spectrographic Performance Levin, Golan
Sound Scope Headphones: Controlling an Audio Mixer through Natural Movement Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Lee, Seunghee
Agents in ChucK: A Timely Programming Experience Spicer, Michael
Using Concatenative Synthesis for Expressive Performance in Jazz Saxophone Maestre, Esteban; Hazan, Amaury; Ramirez, Rafael; Perez, Alfonso
Estimation of partial parameters for non stationary sinusoids Roebel, Axel
YASAS - Yet Another Sound Analysis-Synthesis Method Dubnov, Shlomo
Timbral, Perceptual, And Statistical Attributes for Synthesized Sound McDermott, James; Griffith, Niall J.L.; O'Neill, Michael
Analysis of musical structure in Audio and MIDI signals using information rate Dubnov, Shlomo
The Interpretation of MIDI Velocity Dannenberg, Roger B.
An approach to visualization of complex event data for generating sonic structures Bokesoy, Sinan; Thiebaut, Jean Baptiste
Semantic Time: Representing Time and Temporal Transformations for Digital Audio in Interactive ComputerMusic Systems Lee, Eric; Borchers, Jan
A Logic-based Language for Modeling and Verifying Musical Processes Ramirez, Rafael
The Shiraz Festival: avant-garde arts performance in 1970s Iran Gluck, Robert J.
Hear Me Now: the implication and significance of the female composer's voice as sound source in her electroacoustic music Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth
Noise, Dissonance and the Twentieth-Century Spiritual Crisis: Synchresis in Chion's Requiem Jacobs, Sarah L.; Rudy, Paul
Sound Art in Mexico Rocha Iturbide, Manuel
Negotiating the Musical Work: An empirical study. Frisk, Henrik; Östersjö, Stefan
Towards the One-Man Indian Computer Music Performance System Kapur, Ajay; Tzanetakis, George; Schloss, Andrew; Driessen, Peter; Singer, Eric
Computer Aided Composition by Means of Interactive GP Ando, Daichi; Dahlstedt, Palle; Nordahl, Mats G.; Iba, Hitoshi
Recent Trends in PWGL Laurson, Mikael; Kuuskankare, Mika
Aesthetics, Score Generation, and Sonification in a Game Piece Magnus, Cristyn
Orchestra Spatialization Using The AUDIENCE Engine Thomaz, Leandro F.; Faria, Regis Rossi A.; Zuffo, Marcelo K.; Zuffo, João Antônio
The Bluetooth Radio Ball Interface (BRBI): A Wireless Interface for Music/Sound Control And Motion Sonification Yeo, Woon Seung
Ambisonics Spatialization Tools for Max/MSP Schacher, Jan C.; Kocher, Philippe
Mobile STK for Symbian OS Essel, Georg; Rohs, Michael
VScore: A Real-time Visual Application for Scoring Music Topper, David; Kojs, Juraj
PerfComp: A Heuristic-Based Program for Analysis of MIDI Performance Files Walker, Timothy M.
Creativity and Access in Electronic Music: Cracked and Pirated Software Instruments Doloswala, Kalika N.
Summarizing Musical Preferences as Audio Signatures Freeman, Jason
jSymbolic: A Feature Extractor for MIDI Files McKay, Cory; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Automatic Chord Recognition from Audio Using Enhanced Pitch Class Profile Lee, Kyogu
Automatic Raag Classification of Pitch-tracked Performances Using Pitch-class and Pitch-class Dyad Distributions Chordia, Parag
A Parallel-Formant Speech Synthesizer in Max/MSP Ma, Michael Kexin; Fels, Sidney; Pritchard, Robert
{TranSpell} Shiota, Kazuaki
Extended Applications of the Wireless Sensor Array (WISEAR) Topper, David
An Application of The System, "BodySuit" and "RoboticMusic" - Its Introduction and Aesthetics Goto, Suguro
Visualizing Sound Environment during Orchestra Performance based on Time Frequency Analysis Morita, Satoru; Tokunou, Sayaka
Musical Tapestry: Re-composing Natural Sounds Misra, Ananya; Cook, Perry R.; Wang, Ge
Fuzzy Logic Control Tool Kit: Real-time Fuzzy Control for Max/MSP and Pd Cádiz, Rodrigo F.; Kendall, Gary S.
ScalableWavetable Matching for Real-Time Polyphonic Synthesis Wun, Simon; Horner, Andrew
Concatenative Synthesis Using Score-Aligned Transcriptions Dannenberg, Roger B.
Circle Maps as Simple Oscillators for Complex Behavior: I. Basics Essl, Georg
On the Development of a System for Gesture Control of Spatialization Marshall, M. T.; Peters, N.; Jensenius, A. R.; Boissinot, J.; Wanderley, M. M.; Braasch, J.
Development of a Versatile Interactive Performance System Geers, Douglas; Cerar, Maja
Radio drum gesture detection system using only sticks, antenna and computer with audio interface Nevile, Ben; Driessen, Peter; Schloss, W. A.
Performer Adaptive Scores: An Introduction Frank, Robert J.
The ArtsSync Project: Methods and Architectures for Mapping Foreground, Middle-ground and Background Musical Structures to Visual Images Keyes, Christopher J.; Wierckx, Marcel
Spectral Signal Processing in Csound 5 Lazzarini, Victor; Lysaght, Thomas; Timoney, Joseph
MaxLink: a New Tool for Networked Performance Kriss, Jesse
The LoM Mapping Toolbox for Max/MSP/Jitter Van Nort, Doug; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
A Collaborative Composition System Based On A Service Oriented Architecture Dovey, Matthew; Gibson, Ian
Motion as the Connection Between Audio and Visuals Moody, Niall; Fells, Nick; Bailey, Nicholas
The KiOm: A Paradigm for Collaborative Controller Design Kapur, Ajay; Tindale, Adam R.; Benning, Manjinder S.; Driessen, Peter F.
Georgia Tech Music Technology Group - Studio Report Weinberg, Gil; Freeman, Jason; Chordia, Parag; Clark, Frank; Moore, Chris; Driscoll, Scott; Thatcher, Travis
The University Music Technology Lab Hinderlie, Sanford
tMt: tulane Music technology Studio Report Richardson, Conner; Cook, James T. E.; Park, Tae Hong
Musical Interaction Design with the CREATE USB Interface Teaching HCI with CUIs instead of GUIs Overholt, Dan
Sound and Interaction for K-12 Mediated Education Birchfield, David; Ciufo, Thomas; Thornburg, Harvey; Savenye, Wilhelmina
Musical Performance Over Internet2 Using The AccessGrid Nichols, Charles; Deal, Scott; Rogers, Timothy J.; Miklavcic, Jimmy; Miklavcic, Beth; Ayromlou, Many; Wachtel, Robert; Mercer, Paul; Humbert, Joe; King, Rob
PLOrk: The Princeton Laptop Orchestra, Year 1 Trueman, Daniel; Cook, Perry; Smallwood, Scott; Wang, Ge
Real-time synchronization of independently controlled phasors Wyse, Lonce
A Paradigm for Physical Interaction with Sound in 3-D Audio Space Wozniewski, Mike; Settel, Zack; Cooperstock, Jeremy R.
Jam'aa - A Middle Eastern Percussion Ensemble for Human and Robotic Players Weinberg, Gil; Driscoll, Scott; Thatcher, Travis
Recording Quality Ratings by Music Professionals Repp, Richard
Data Association Techniques for a Robust Partial Tracker of Music Signals Satar-Boroujeni, Hamid; Shafai, Bahram; Wolfe, Patrick J.
Musical Tension Curves and its Applications Yoo, Min-Joon; Lee, In-Kwon
Detecting Motives and Recurring Patterns in PolyphonicMusic Utgoff, Paul E.; Kirlin, Phillip B.
Melodic Modeling: A Comparison of Scale Degree and Interval Li, Yipeng
Using Motiongrams in the Study of Musical Gestures Jensenius, Alexander Refsum
Real-time Spectral Attenuation Based Analysis and Resynthesis, Spectral Modification, Spectral Accumulation, and Spectral Evaporation; Theory, Implementation, and Compositional Implications. Parks, Ronald Keith
Phase-bashed packet synthesis: a musical test Puckette, Miller
A Music Information Retrieval system for structural queries Pinto, Alberto
Morphopoiesis: An Analytical Model for Electroacoustic Music Kokoras, Panayiotis A.
Studio Report: Audio Technology at American University Improving Curriculum through upgrading Facilities Oehlers, Paul A.; Larkin, Teresa; Katz, Fred; Boerum, Matt; Weiner, Matt
Ssynth: a Real Time Additive Synthesizer With Flexible Control Verfaille, V.; Boissinot, J.; Depalle, Ph.; Wanderley, M. M.
Pragmatic Considerations in Mixed Music: a Case Study of La Rage Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre
ComputerMusic Enaction Dahan, Kevin
Feature-Based Synthesis: Mapping Acoustic and Perceptual Features onto Synthesis Parameters Hoffman, Matt; Cook, Perry R.
The Fujara: A Physical Model of The Bass Pipe Instrument in An Interactive Composition Kojs, Juraj; Serafin, Stefania
Mobile Networked Music Demonstration: Sequencer404 Thatcher, Travis; Jimison, David; Goetzinger, John; Freeman, Jason; Weinberg, Gil
A Comparison of Statistical Approaches to Symbolic Genre Recognition Pérez-Sancho, Carlos; Ponce de León, Pedro J.; Iñesta, José M.
A Novel Approach to Automatic Music Composing: Using Genetic Algorithm Daylamani Zad, Damon; Araabi, Babak N.; Lucas, Caru
A Factored Language Model of Quantized Pitch and Duration Li, Xiao; Ji, Gang; Bilmes, Jeff
Auralization of a Constraint Solver: The music of n-queens Lallouet, Arnaud; Vautard, Jérémie
Towards Machine Learning of Expressive Microtiming in Brazilian Drumming Wright, Matthew; Berdahl, Edgar
An Evolved Neural Network/HC Hybrid for Tablature Creation in GA-based Guitar Arranging Tuohy, Daniel R.; Potter, W. D.
An Acousmatic Composition Environment Breinbjerg, Morten; Caprani, Ole; Lunding, Rasmus B.; Kramhøft, Line
"We Don't Write Songs. We Write Records": a compositional methodology based on late 20th century popular music. Zagorski-Thomas, Simon
Score Generation in Voice-Leading and Chord Spaces Gogins, Michael
Bioinformatic Response Data as a Compositional Driver Hamilton, Robert
A Sample Accurate Triggering System for Pd and Max/MSP Lyon, Eric
A Bottom-Up Approach to Chord Detection Sailer, Christian; Rosenbauer, Katja
A Brief Survey of the Current Applications of ENP Kuuskankare, Mika; Laurson, Mikael
Java Music Specification Language and Max/MSP Didkovsky, Nick; Crawford, Langdon
Score Following of Orchestral Music Using Acoustic Pressure Peak-Tracking and Linear Stretch Matching Miura, Takefumi; Akabane, Ayumu; Sato, Makoto; Tsuda, Takao; Inoue, Seiki
Mondrian Music Description Language and Sequencer Brinkmann, Peter
MSC: a computer assisted system integrating music and video through magic squares as compositional models Oehlers, Paul A.; Mich, Christopher H.
Comparing Musical Control Structures and Signal Processing Strategies for the Augmented Cello and Guitar Freed, Adrian; Lee, Ahm; Schott, John; Uitti, Frances Marle; Wright, Matt; Zbyszynski, Michael
Laptop Performance: Techniques, Tools, and a New Interface Design Zadel, Mark; Scavone, Gary
The Immersive Computer-controlled Audio Sound Theater: Experiments in multi-mode sound diffusion systems for electroacoustic music performance Beck, Stephen David; Patrick, Joseph; Willkie, Brian; Malveaux, Kenley
The AIMS Project: Creative Experiments in Musical Sonification Bain, Reginald
The Sound Recordist as Composer: Aesthestic and Practical Concerns Leider, Colby; Burns, Kristine H.
An Intelligent SP-MIDI Polyphonic Reduction Algorithm Lui, Simon; Horner, Andrew; Ayers, Lydia
Musical Pattern Design Using Contour Icons Cullen, Charlie; Coyle, Eugene
The thing about the quotes: "Music Technology" degrees in Britain Boehm, Carola
Evaluating and Extending Computational Models of Rhythmic Syncopation in Music Smith, Leigh M.; Honing, Henkjan
DSP Programming with Faust, Q and SuperCollider Orlarey, Yann; Grôf, Albert; Kersten, Stefan
AUTUMN: A General Pitch-Extraction Wave-to-MIDI Transcription System Di Filippo, Kevin J.; Horner, Andrew; Fung, Eric; Lim, Jenny; Ayers, Lydia
PhaVoRIT: A Phase Vocoder for Real-Time Interactive Time-Stretching Karrer, Thorsten; Lee, Eric; Borchers, Jan
DARRT: Distributed Audio Rendering & Retrieval using Triana - Experiments in applying Grid Computing technologies for audio processing Taylor, Ian; Al-Shakarchi, Eddie; Beck, Stephen David
Squawk: A Graphical Software for Spectral Audio Processing Kobayashi, Ryoho