/ International Computer Music Conference Proceedings - Board

Board of Directors

ICMA Officers

  • Tom Erbe, President
  • Michael Gurevitch, Vice President for Membership
  • Margaret Schedel, Vice President for Conferences
  • Lonce Wyse, Vice President for Asia/Oceania
  • Madelyn Byrne, Vice President for the Americas
  • Stefania Serafin, Vice President for Europe
  • Chryssie Nanou, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Christopher Haworth, Array Editor
  • PerMagnus Lindborg, Music Coordinator
  • Rebecca Fiebrink, Research Coordinator
  • Rob Hamilton, Publications Coordinator

ICMA Board of Directors

At-Large Directors

  • Richard Dudas
  • Tom Erbe
  • Chryssie Nanou
  • Tae Hong Park

Americas Regional Directors

  • Eric Honour
  • Patricio de la Cuadra

Asia/Oceania Regional Directors

  • SeongAh Shin
  • Lonce Wyse

Europe Regional Directors

  • Stefania Serafin
  • Arshia Cont

Non-elected officers

  • Sandra Neal, ICMA Administrative Assistant
  • DeVera Long, Accounting