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Preface Howe, Jr., Hubert S.
Subscore Manipulation as a Tool for Compositional and Sonic Design Laske, Otto
A Space Grammar for the Stochastic Generation of Multi-Dimensional Structures Jones, Kevin
Timbral Construction as a Stochastic Process Truax, Barry
Instructional Applications of Computer Music Peelle, Howard A.; Smith, Stuart
“OBJED” and the Design of Timbral Resources Buxton, W.; Patel, S.; Reeves, W.; Baecker, R.
On the Specification of Scope in Interactive Score Editors Buxton, W.; Patel, S.; Reeves, W.; Baecker, R.
A Microprocessor Controlled Clavier Federkow, G.; Buxton, W.; Patel, S.; Smith, K. C.
A Microprocessor-based Conducting System Buxton, W.; Reeves, W.; Fedorkow, G.; Smith, K.C.; Baecker, R.
PROD: A Grammar Based Computer Composition System Green, M.
Using the SSSP System: Reflections on One Composer's Experience Montgomery, James
Approximation and Syntactic Analysis of Amplitude and Frequency Functions for Digital Sound Synthesis Strawn, John
Sonic Transliteration Applied to Descriptive Music Notation Potter, Charles E.; Teaney, Dale
SYCOM's Studio A, an Integrated Environment for Electronic and Computer Music Albers, Brad
Computer Audio Research Laboratory Report Moore, F. Richard
Computer Music at the Institute of Cybernetics of the University of Milan Haus, Goffredo
Composer-Centered Development -- A Studio Report from Pittsburgh Slawson, Wayne
Computer Studio Report: Tri-College Group for Electronic Music and Related Research Fuller, Wesley
The SCORE Program for Musical Input to Computers Smith, Leland
Musical Data Structures in a Multi-Use Environment Clements, Peter J.
A Binomial Representation of the Pitch Parameter for Computer Processing of Musical Data Brinkman, Alexander R.
The Design of a Portable Translator for DARMS McLean, Bruce
Musicbox in C: An Interactive, Graphic Digital Sound Editor Glassner, Andrew S.
The 4CED Program Abbott, Curtis
Printing Music by Computer: A 16 Millimeter Sound Film Smith, Leland
Human Engineering in a Portable Music Notation System Byrd, Donald
Microprocessor-Supervised Digital Synthesizers McKay, Blair D.; Wills, Barry L.
Algorithmic Music Language Jurgens, Raymond F.
Optrix: A New Method of Human Coupling with Electronic Media in Live Performance Vance, Scott
VLSI and the Design of Real-Time Digital Sound Processors Kahrs, Mark
Imagination and Linear Prediction Lansky, Paul
Composing from a Geometric Model: Five-Leaf Rose Kendall, Gary S.
Music-Time and Clock-Time Similarities under Tempo Change Rogers, John; Rockstroh, John
A Vector Field Model of Compositional Creativity Dworak, Paul E.; Baczewski, Philip C.
Computer Improvisation Fry, Christopher
A Rhythm Composing Program for Percussion Ensemble Nerheim, Rosalee; England, Wilber T.
Sound Image Synthesis Ungvary, Tamas
The Musical Use of Non Linear Distortion Arfib, Daniel
Computer Music: Some Problems and Objectives in Applied Aesthetics Keane, David
A Computer Project in Harmonic Analysis Gross, Dorothy
Computer Counterpoint Ebcioğlu, Kemal
Computer Assisted Analysis of Tonal Structure in the Classical Symphony Marillier, C. G.
The Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument Levine, Steve; Mauchly, J. William
SBASS-1 Features Yantis, Michael
The ADS 200 Advanced Digital Synthesizer Lieberman, Don
Polyphonic Velocity-Sensitive Keyboard Interface McKay, Blair D.; Wills, Barry L.; Carr, Davd W.
A Microcomputer-Based Keyboard Music System Steele, Douglas J.; Wills, Barry L.
Music-11 and ST-10: Classic Stochastic Concepts Revisited Stickney, Kimball P.
Inexpensive Computer Music Scoring: newly available hardware Stickney, Kimball P.
Crystals: Recursive Structures in Computer Music Composition Ames, Charles
Towards a Data Base in Musicology: The Computer Processing of the Bridgman File Charnassé, Hélène
Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography Davis, Deta S.