The ruine of the authors and fomentors of civill vvarres. As it was deliver'd in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons in Margarets-Church Westminster, Sept. 24. being the monethly fast day, set apart for publick humiliation.
Gibson, Samuel.
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Die Mercurii 24. Septemb. 1645.

ORdered by the Commons as∣sembled in Parliament, That Sir Symonds d' Eves, and Mr Hollis, doe from this House give Thanks to Mr Gibson and Dr Temple for the great paines they took in the Ser∣mons they preached this day at the intreatie of this House at St Marga∣rets Westminster, it being the day of Publique Humiliation, and to de∣sire them to print their Sermons. And it is Ordered, that none shall presume to print them, without being authorized under their hand writing.

Henry Elsynge Cler. Parl. De Com

I appoint John Hancock to print my Sermon.