Ephemeri vita, or, The natural history and anatomy of the Ephemeron, a fly that lives but five hours written originally in Low-Dutch by Jo. Swammerdam ...
Swammerdam, Jan, 1637-1680., Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708.

The Explanation of the Eighth Table.

Figure 1.

REpresenteth the thin Skin or film of the Ephemeron in this manner shed.

This film thus shed, remaineth not in the form as is here repre∣sented; for the parts that did in∣close the wings shrink commonly up together, and so come to appear in another form.

Figure 2.

The Male Ephemeron having now shed two Skins successively, and assumed the shape of a flying Insect; the Legs which in the Worm were short, are now ex∣tended to about twice the length; which chiefly is visible in the Tails, whose length by these two extensions, are now become three times longer than they were in the Worm.