Ephemeri vita, or, The natural history and anatomy of the Ephemeron, a fly that lives but five hours written originally in Low-Dutch by Jo. Swammerdam ...
Swammerdam, Jan, 1637-1680., Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708.
Figure 6.

The Brain, the Medulla spi∣nalis, and the Nerves arising out of the same are here represent∣ed, according to the life; so that the Nerves of the Medulla spi∣nalis appear not so gaping, as is represented in the first Figure of the 3d plate YY. for there they are represented, as they appear in a Microscope, when with a fine Needle, they are separated, which can easily be done without cutting or tearing.

Page  [unnumbered]1, 2, 3. &c. The Figures, 1, 2, 3, &c. represent the natural place and posture of the Medulla spinalis in the body; and in what manner it is distinguished by the Ring-like indentings, in relation to the head, breast and belly.