Ephemeri vita, or, The natural history and anatomy of the Ephemeron, a fly that lives but five hours written originally in Low-Dutch by Jo. Swammerdam ...
Swammerdam, Jan, 1637-1680., Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708.
Figure 5.

A. A part of the throat-gut, or Gula, (which conveyeth the food into the Stomach) cut off close to the same.

B. The lower Orifice of the Stomach or Pylorus, through which the food is sent into the Guts.

C. The Stomach it self where∣in are represented some of its air-vessels which run thereto from the great Trunk, as they are represented in the first Fi∣gure of the third Plate. AA.

DD. The thin gut, which is as a branch of the Stomach, im∣mediately annexed thereto, so that the Stomach as it were nar∣roweth into the same.

E. The thick or crumpled gut, wherein some long strokes or striae are observable, which from within appear through it.

F. The straight gut, which ap∣peareth very neatly rimpled.

G. Some transparent Valves, like half moons, which appear in the thin gut, and are seen through it.

4.5.6. &c. These Figures denote eleven of those annular divisions of the body of the Worm; and also shew where the Stomach and the Guts have their natural place.