The clouds in which Christ comes opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament, upon the solemne day of their monthly fast, Octob. 27, 1647
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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Reader, thou art intreated before thou Reade, to mend with thy Pen these Greater faults escaped in Printing.

Pag. 3. lin. 15. read, the blade, eare, and huske to the Corne. p. 7. l. 22. r. Rayes. p. 18. l. 7. r. slides. & l. 21. r. Ayre. p. 21. l. 30. r. Sea of this Creation to seeth. p. 23. l. 3. r. were for the most part by flames. p. 29. l. 26. r. Day? p. 39. l. 18. r. in the Course. p. 54. l. 4. r. Things. When