The clouds in which Christ comes opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament, upon the solemne day of their monthly fast, Octob. 27, 1647
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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Noble Senatours,

NOt like Araunah in the Holy Story, as a King in Spirituall Things: but like the Widow in the Gospell, Poore in the Riches of Christ, and too much a Wi∣dow by the absence of her Heavenly Spouse, my Soule hath offered from her Penury to your Treasury.

Yet, as a Steward, have I endeavou∣red to be Faithfull, bringing forth the Best of my Spirit, for Service, and Food to your Spirits: as the Priests of old gave the Fat of the Sacrifices to the Flame on the Altar.

As the Royall Preacher sought out Choice Page  [unnumbered] Words: so have I sought for the most Pleasant, most Profitable, most Powerfull Discoveries of God, in my Scanty Store, in the midst of that Thick Ignorance, which covers my Poore Heart.

Now I have laid them at your Feet, where they lye, as Scattered, and Dry Bones; except the Spirit of our Lord Iesus breath upon them, bring them together, in∣fuse a Warmth, Power, and Beauty into them, to make them Living Company for you.

Not able to bring Stately, and Costly Beasts to the Sanctuary; I have made it my Desire, and Designe to present for an Offering before God, and You, a Payre of Turtle Doves; Simplicity, and Sweet∣nesse; or, an Innocent Integrity with an Humble Meekenesse.

I hope both are, if not without blemish, because they have alighted on my Heart: yet of the right-breed of that Dove, which Page  [unnumbered] descended from Heaven, and alighted on the Head of our Lord Iesus.

And now, what is my Expectation? For my owne Soule, for my Brethren in the Flesh, all the Children of Seth, for the rest of my Fellow Creatures, which groane continually in my Eares? Is not my desire and Sighing before thee, O my God? Even This; The Descent of the Dove upon them; the Manifestation of the Spirit in them, the True Iubile, the Divine Liberty of the whole Creation.

All within me testifies of this Spirit to me; All without me proclaimes this Spirit before Me; as the Spring of my Ioyes; the End of my Faith; the Glorification of my Per∣son; and not of mine onely, but of all those, who are rooted in this Principle of Life, what ever the Soile of Education, Professi∣on, or Custome be, in which they are Plan∣ted; whatever the Barke of Opinion or Af∣fection Page  [unnumbered] be, in which for the present they are Inclosed.

The most Known Men for Wisedome in all Languages, Learnings, Religions, Ages, Regions have worship't, have waited for This Eternall Spirit; The Vnderstand∣ing of the World, riding forth in a Chariot of Light, upon the Face of all Formes of Things; The Good Converting All Things into it selfe; The Vnity, or some-thing a∣bove an Vnity, To 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, The Supreame Band of Vnity, and Multiplicity.

This Spirit brought forth from it selfe the Creation, and still sits upon it, hatching it, till it breake the Shell of This Darke Flesh, and spring forth into its owne Life and Image.

The Lord Iesus is this Spirit; who is, before Abraham was, by whom the Worlds were Made; who is a Spirit, Comprehend∣ing, Cherishing, Enclosing, Comming forth Page  [unnumbered] into all the Fleshly Births of Time.

This Iesus came Himselfe in the Last of Times, into Flesh; was by His Crosse drawn up out of it into Spirit; and now by the same way is drawing up all Things after Him into the same Spirit.

That your selves, and these Kingdomes may Feele, Obey, Enjoy the Drawings of this Iesus, the Descents of his Spirit, is the Affectionate Prayer of him, who is

Your Honours lowest Servant in Christ: PETER STERRY.