The reformed school by John Dury.

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The reformed school by John Dury.
Dury, John, 1596-1680.
London :: Printed by R.D. for Richard Wodnothe ...,

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Education -- Early works to 1800.
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Page 23

The Rights and Duties of the Gover∣nour, and Ushers places.

AS it is the Governours Duty to in∣struct and Oversee the Ushers in all ings which concerne the Children; so it all not be lawfull for Ushers to alter any ing in the Orders which the Governour all settle, without his knowledge and ap∣••••obation.

2. The Governour shall have power, as t, ovide and place, so to displace the Usherso 〈◊〉〈◊〉 he shall see cause: which cause, it will be fit 〈◊〉〈◊〉 him to make known to any of the Asso∣••••tion, who shall desire to be informed ereof.

3. The Governour shall give all his Di∣••••••••ctions in writing to the ushers.

4. Every Usher shall have a peculiar number 〈◊〉〈◊〉 Schollars committed to his inspection ••••ose lodgings shall be together, all next unto s Chamber, that in the night-season as well by day, he may oversee them.

5. The Ushers shall see their peculiar Schol∣••••s rise and go to bed, at the houres appoin∣••••: and when their Schollars are retired or ••••ne to bed; they shall come to the Gover∣••••ur every evening before they go to bed ••••emselves; that they may conferre about their ••••tters together.

Page 24

6. The Governour shall either by himself or some other see both the ushers and their schol∣ars in their severall quarters at the set hours, before he goeth to bed himself: and the Steward shall see the other servants retired and all the doores shut at the hour appointed, and shall bring such keyes to the Governour as b shall ordain to be brought unto him.

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