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Rosenberg Letters

The 105 letters in this collection document the experience of a German Jewish family in the years immediately before, during, and shortly after World War II. Nathan and Johannna Rosenberg of Breisach, Germany, had three sons: Julius (1900-1942), Eugen (1901-1964), and Alfred (1911-2005). Eugen left for Palestine in 1935. Alfred, with his wife, her parents, and her brother, immigrated to the United States in August 1938. Julius remained in Germany with his parents and was murdered at Auschwitz in August 1942.

The letters were written to Alfred by his brothers, his parents, and other relatives between 1938 and 1946. Most of the letters are from Julius; many of these he wrote from the labor camp in Gurs, France, to which all of the Jews in Breisach were deported in October 1940.

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