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cǒuntǒur n.(1)
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(a) An accountant; esp., an official who oversees the collecting and auditing of taxes for a shire, a kingdom, etc.; (b) one who calculates, an arithmetician; (c) a pleader in court, a lawyer; (d) as surname.
(a) A metal disk used in arithmetical operations; (b) a token, surrogate coin; (c) a counterfeit coin.
(a) A table used for making accounts or counting money, a counting table; a chest used for the same purposes; ?also, any table or chest; (b) a room or building in which accounts are kept, a countinghouse; (c) ~ bord, a counting table; ~ dore, the door of a countinghouse; ~ hous, a countinghouse; ~ keie, the key of a countinghouse; ~ scales, a scale used in keeping accounts.
One of the two prisons in London used especially for debtors.