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corǒunen v.(1)
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(a) To crown (sb.) ceremoniously, invest with sovereignty; (b) ~ (sb.) king, ~ to kinge, ~ to the kingdom, to crown (sb.) as king, etc.; (c) crouned king, etc., a king that has been duly crowned; (d) crouned, wearing a crown.
Theol. Of God, Christ, the Virgin: (a) to crown (the Virgin); ~ (for) quene of heven; (b) crouned king, ~ quene, sovereign lord, queen.
Eccl. To invest (sb.) with high office in the Church; ~ (sb.) pope, bishop, crown (sb.) pope, bishop; of a mitre: be on a dignitary's head as a symbol of office.
(a) To put a crown or other ornament on someone's head as a symbol of power, excellence, etc.; (b) to put (sb.) in a position of leadership or influence.
(a) To crown (Jesus) in mockery with a wreath of thorns; ~ with thorn(es; (b) of the wreath of thorns: to encircle the head of (Jesus).
To put a wreath or garland on (someone's) head for adornment or in recognition of excellence, valor, etc.; corouned with laurer, etc.
Theol. To 'crown' or reward (the virtuous), bestow eternal life and bliss upon; ~ to lif lastand, etc.
(a) To bestow (happiness, honor, etc.) upon (sb.), reward (sb.); (b) to inflict (suffering) upon (sb.); (c) to honor (sth.).
To tonsure (a cleric), admit to holy orders.
crouned, surmounted by the figure of a crown.
Misc. uses: (a) to put a coping on a wall; (b) ppl. of a plant: having a (certain) flower on top, surmounted (by); (c) ppl. of a planet: having the greatest influence; (d) ppl. consummate (malice).