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abīen v.
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Note: Cp. bīen.
(a) To buy or pay for (sth.), obtain at the cost of labor or suffering; ~ bargain, pay for a purchase; fig. pay the penalty for an action; ~ time, pay interest on money; ~ dere (bitter(li, sore), to buy dearly, pay a high price for; (b) to redeem (mankind, a man, man's soul) from the Devil; also, to save (the Church) by suffering; (c) to pay back, take revenge for (a wrong); (d) to make a bargain or a purchase; fig. to incur a penalty.
(a) To pay the penalty for (a crime, an offense); to pay a penalty, suffer for an offense, be punished; (b) to do penance for (one's sins), atone for (one's sins).
(a) To suffer because of (sth.), pay the penalty for (someone else's action or offense); -- also with for; (b) to endure (cruelty, punishment, torment), incur or suffer (someone's anger).
To await (an event) [= abiden v., sense 7.(a), to which these examples likely belong.]