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crūē̆l adj.
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Of persons, gods, Fortune: (a) inclined to make another suffer or willing to see him suffer; cruel, pitiless; (b) austere, stern, unrelenting; (c) fierce in battle, brave; as noun: a fierce or brave warrior.
Of animals: fierce, savage, wild.
Of a person's disposition, attitude, or behavior: (a) fierce, cruel, pitiless; (b) stern, menacing.
Of actions or events: causing suffering or harm; cruel (vengeance, blow); fierce or destructive (battle).
Of a condition or state: attended by suffering; distressing, onerous; cruel (suffering, death).
Of things: (a) apt to inflict injury; threatening; (b) unrelenting, stern, austere; (c) harsh, bitter.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500(1465) Leversedge Vision (Add 34193)26 : The..deuellis..toke my seid saule and..drew hit more cruellar, paynfullar, and byttirar then did the first company of the seid deuylis.
  • Note: New sense.
    Note: New form: Comp. cruellar.
    Note: Belongs to sense 2.(a).
    Note: Gloss: also, as adv.: in a cruel manner, savagely, cruelly.--notes per MLL