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crǒud n.(2)
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Note: Caxton's spelling (pl.) 'cordes' possibly represents the assimilation of an unfamiliar word to the familiar 'cord' (i.e. 'chord') as it applies to musical instruments: cp. mono-corde n.
A stringed instrument of the Celtic peoples, the crowd.
(a) Rendering Biblical L chorus properly 'a circular dance to song or instrumental music, music accompanied by dancing,' but identified with some musical instrument or instruments, in some cases a stringed instrument of the Near East, in others perhaps equated with sense 1.; (b) one who plays such an instrument.

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Note: In Old English Instruments, Francis Gilpin thinks that 'chorus' is a small 'cruit' or 'crwth'. DMLBS, s.v. chorus n., allows for the sense (5.(b)) 'crowd, fiddle' (as well as the sense 5.(a) 'bagpipe'), but both examples are English-Latin glossaries in which English 'crowd' is equated with Latin 'chorus.'