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commū̆naltẹ̄ n.
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(a) The people of a country, county, city, etc.; a people, nation; a commonwealth, community; (b) theol. communion; ~ of .. seintes.
(a) The body of citizens or burgesses as distinct from governmental officials and mere residents; the citizenry; (b) the common people, the populace; also, a social class [quot.: 1443]; (c) the body of a group of people, a common throng; the group as a whole.
The House of Commons, the Commons.
(a) The membership of a guild, a guild; (b) a fellowship or brotherhood; also, (one's) companions.
Phrases: (a) in communalte, as common property; in equal shares; (b) in ~, in the presence of people, in public; out of ~, secretly.