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clōthing ger.
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(a) Clothes, wearing apparel; dress, garb; (b) in phrases and proverbs: seculer ~, garb of a layman; ~ maketh man, clothes make the man.
(a) The livery of a guild, corporation, etc.; the garb worn by a member on special occasions; ben in (of) the ~, be a member of a guild, etc.; hol ~, full membership; out of the ~, not having membership; (b) the livery or official garb of a king's officer; (c) the garb of a monastic order; the ~ maketh not the monek, it takes more than the monastic habit to make a monk; (d) priestly vestments; (e) the garb of a jester.
Coll. Cloth coverings; bedclothes, hangings (of a sepulcher), swaddling clothes, trappings (of a horse).
(a) Fig. Spiritual garb; chastity, compassion, etc., as clothing of the soul; ~ of humanite, incarnation; ~ meknes, an appearance of meekness, sheep's clothing; (b) fig. a covering; (c) anat. a membrane, membranous covering.
An article of clothing, a garment; -- often pl.: clothes; also, vestments; fig. clothinges of shepes, sheep's clothing, an appearance of innocence; clothinges of vengaunce, the spirit of an avenger.
The action of dressing; providing with clothes.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. clothing.