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after- pref.
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Verbal cpds.: (a) ~ bending, the second bending, a bending back (of a bow); prob., the shaping process which gives the ends a curvature the reverse of that at the center; ~ berende, bearing later, pregnant; ~ blismed, ~bredand, ~ brodden, of ewes: late-bred, bred after the others; ~ bought, paid for afterward, atoned for; (b) ~ comend, a successor; ~ coming, ger. a sequel or consequence; ppl. subsequent; (c) ~ earnien, seek to earn or deserve (sth.); (d) ~ folwen, follow (sb.) in time; ~ folwing, ~ folwande, following, subsequent; (e) ~ gengen, follow (sb.), pursue; (f) ~ named, ~ nevened, named further on, named below; (g) ~ wending, act of following; ~ writen, written below.
Noun cpds.: (a) ~ cast, a plan made after the event [cp. forecast]; ~ char, a turning back, return; ~ chaunce, events which may follow, consequences; ~ clap, a later stroke (of misfortune), an adverse or unfortunate consequences; ~ comer, a successor or descendant; pl. posterity; (b) ~ diner, the time after the noon meal, afternoon; (c) ~ ende, rear end, tail; ~ even, the latter part of the evening, late evening; (d) ~ fal, subsequent ruin; (e) ~ game, second game, ?return match; ~ genge, ~ gengel, a successor; (f) ~ kinrede, distant relatives; (g) ~ lithe [OE æftera līþa], the second mild month, July; (h) ~ mater, a later matter, a sequel; ~ mede, a reward that follows; ~ mese, ?a later Mass; ?a later course of a meal; ~ mete, q.v.; ~ milk, juice obtained by a second pressing; (i)~ non, q.v.; (j) ~ part, the hinder part, the rear or back; the stern (of a ship), poop; ~ peril, later danger, unfortunate consequences; (k) ~ reward, a reward that follows; (l) ~ ship, the stern of a ship, poop; ~ skol, an oar used at the stern of a ship, a scull; ~ soper, the time after supper, evening; ~ stroke, a counter-blow, return stroke; (m) ~ taille, a later reckoning, the consequences; ~ tale, subsequent talk or dispute; ~ teller, one who repeats a story told by another; ~ throw, pain following childbirth; ~ to-come, the second coming of Christ; (n) ~ variaunce, a later disagreement or dispute; (o) ~ ward, the rearguard; ~ wark, a later work or creation; ~ win, wine from a second pressing of the grapes.

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Note: Med., etc. (sense 2.(m)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. afterthrows (pl.).