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clēpen v.
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Note: Cp. tọ̄̆clēpen v.
(a) To speak; call, shout; ~ out; ~ of, talk about (sth.); of birds: to sing; (b) to speak (to sb.); -- with to, upon phr.; (c) to say (sth.); utter (words, blasphemy, etc.); call (a name); also, announce (sth.).
To apply (a name, epithet, title, expression, or designation to sb. or sth.), name (sb. so-and-so), call (sb. king, foolish, etc.); -- (a) with obj. & noun compl.; (b) with obj. & adj. compl.; (c) with obj. & prep. phrase; ~ bi, under name; (d) clepen after, to name (sth.) for (sb.); (e) clepen name, to name (sb. so-and-so).
(a) ben cleped, to have a (certain) name, title, or designation, be called (so-and-so); also, ~ cleped bi name; (b) ben cleped of, to be named after (sb.); (c) hir name was clepid, her name was (so-and-so).
(a) To address (sb.); salute, greet; (b) to hail or call (sb.); (c) to call (upon sb.).
(a) To call (upon) or appeal (to sb.); make an appeal, pray, beg; pray (to God), pray (for or after sth.); (b) to address (a deity) in prayer, invoke; ask or beg (sb. to do sth.); ~ to helpe, beg (sb.) for help; (c) ~ to witnesse, to ask (sb.) to furnish testimony, call to witness.
(a) To ask, request, or order (sb.) to appear (in a place or in someone's presence); summon, call, send for; invite; ~ forth, ~ up, ~ to presence; ~ to mete, invite or call to dinner; -- also without obj. [quot. 1383 Gower]; (b) to convoke or convene (persons), ask to meet, call together; ~ togeder; ~ conseil, convene an official body; ~ to rede, summon for consultation; (c) ~ ayen, to call (sb.) back, ask to return; ~ awei, call (sb.) away.
Theol. To invite or summon (sb.); also, choose.
clepen ayen: (a) to call or bring (sth.) back, restore; (b) to recall or remember (sth.); (c) to take back or revoke (sth.).
To call forth or induce (an effect), produce (sth.); ~ forth.
To lay claim (to sth.).
Of two rivers: to join [a Latinism; cp. sense 5a (b)].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: A quot. from a1225(?OE) Lamb.Hom. 79 ("Al [animals] adam him mihte to-clopie") has been removed to to-clepen v., q.v.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1350 Hrl.2253 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2253) 230/10 : Tempre hit wiþ þilke water þat is icleopet 'gleyr'.
  • Note: Need date, sense 2b.(a).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425 Wycl.Serm.(Bod 788)2.295 : Men..shulden be suget to al maner of men, not for money, but for God..But prelatis clepen now no subjeccioun, but in ʒyvynge of worldly goodis.
  • Note: ?New sense.
    Note: ?Quot. belongs to sense 4.(a).
    Note: To call for (a manner of service), require.
    Note: See subjecciǒun n., sense 1.(c) which has this quot.
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