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cholle n.
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(a) Throat, gullet; (b) the front of the neck; jowl, double chin, dewlap, etc.; (c) forehead, head; balled ~ bald head.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1225 PMor.(Eg 613(2))362 : Ne sceal ðer beo fah ne græi..ne martres cheole.
  • Note: New form: Also..(early) cheole.
    Note: New collocation: martrines ~, fur pieced together from the light-colored throat fur of the marten.
    Note: See martrin n., sense 2.(b) for the collocations martres chavel, ~ throtes, which have the same meaning as martrines cholle.
    Note: ?Modify existing gloss to make a distinction between a human "cholle" and an animal "cholle." Depending on the context, "gullet" may apply to either. In sense (a), quot. c1400 provides an instance of an animal gullet, or more specifically, the front of an animal gullet between its mouth and lower extremities.
    Note: Quot. originally under cheole n., which has been deprecated. 'Cheole' is apparently related to OF 'gole' (variants 'golle, goule,' etc.) which means 'throat'. See also AN 'gule,' which also bears the meanings 'throat' and (heraldry) 'the color red'. The latter is probably the source of the deprecated entry's gloss, "Fur dyed red."
Note: Addition: add to form section: Also..(error) clolle. This variant has already been added to the first c1440 quot. in sense (c).
Note: The list of variant spellings in the existing form section may be incomplete and / or may need revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED.--all notes per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. cholle.