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charitẹ̄ n.
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(a) The supreme virtue of Love or Charity according to Christian doctrine, comprising affection, devotion, benevolence, kindness, mercy, gratitude as between God and man or man and man; ~ of, to, toward god; ~ of, to man; (b) ben in ~, have this virtue; ben out of ~, lack this virtue; (c) Charity personified; dame ~, ladi ~.
(a) The love of God for man; (b) divine grace; in ~, out of ~.
(a) Benevolence, beneficence, charity; holden, sheuen ~, extend hospitality; (b) an act of benevolence or charity, benefaction; ded, werk of ~, an act of kindness or charity, alms-giving; also, an act of devotion; fulfillen ~, do a generous thing, given ~, give alms; setten ~, exercise charity; (c) a charitable gift, alms; also, ~ of the house, funds received by a religious house from its benefactors.
(a) Loving kindness, affection, fondness, devotion; ~ of brotherhede, brotherly love; haven in ~, be fond of; (b) graciousness, mercy.
for charite, par ~, etc., as an act of kindness, for the sake of charity, etc.; often simply as an intensive; -- common in entreaties and requests.