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carpen v.
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(a) To talk, chat, converse, discourse; ~ toward, address (sb.); (b) tell (sth.), say; ask (a question); as I have herd ~, as I have heard tell; as men do ~, as people say; to ~ the soth, to tell the truth; (c) ~ ayen(es, answer (sb.), reply to; ?speak against (sth.) [quot.PPl.B]; ~ of, ~ on, speak of (sth.), talk about; ~ to, ~ til, ~ unto, speak to (sb.); ~ with, talk with (sb.); (d) ~ to, converse with (sb.); fig. attack.
To tell (a story), relate (an event); ?also, write about (sth.); recite or sing as a minstrel; ~ of, tell the story of, sing about, ?write about.
(a) To chatter, gossip, talk frivolously, jest; (b) cry out, wail, complain; (c) speak opprobriously, find fault, carp.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475(?c1425) Avow.Arth.(Tay 9)170 : Þen þe kinge con crye And carputte of venerie, To make his howundus hardi.
  • Note: New form: 3 sing. pret. carputte.
    Note: Quot. belongs to sense 1.(c).
Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section is incomplete and needs revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED. Provisional revised form section (including suppl. form): Also carp(e, karp(e, karppe, carpin, karpin, carpon, charpen; sg.3 carpith, etc. & carppez; p.sg. carped, etc. & carput(te, kerpede; ppl. i(carped & carpit.--notes per MLL