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bou-sprẹ̄t(e, bǒu(e)sprẹ̄t(e n.
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Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1294-6) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 224 : In j. Boghespret vj. d.
  • (1405-10) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 225 : J. Mal' cum le Topcastell, J. Bowesprite, J. velum, ij. Ankres.
  • (1420-21) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 225 : De j. malo, j. Bawesprit, j. sailȝerd.
  • Note: Quots. needed for form: Also..bowesprite, bawesprit, (early) boghespret.
  • (c1330) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 225 : Þe sail on ȝerde þey feste ful fast..Roþeres, helmes, right for to stand, Bowlyne on bouspret to sette & hale.
  • Note: Quot. needed for date.
  • (1378) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO)4.56 : [Philip de Courtenay took a] mast [and] topcastel [of the ship and Peter de Courtenay a] boxsprete.
    Note: New form: Also..boxsprete.
    Note: Quot. needed for date.
    Note: The forms containing bough- and boghe- are an indication that box- is an acceptable spelling of this element, but this could be a bowsprit made from box wood (resulting in a confusion/conflation of the two terms). Note that sprẹ̄te n. (sense (c)) also means 'bowsprit'.
  • (1495) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 227 : ij. hausers weyng DCCC weight employed for makyng an hallyer for the fore sayle And A tye for the bow Spret sayle.
  • Note: New combination: ~ seile, the sail positioned under the bowsprit.
Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section is incomplete and needs revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED. Provisional revised form section (including Supplement forms): Also bowespret(t)e, bowsprite, bawesprit, bewsprit, boxsprete, boespritte, (early) boughspret, boghespret.--notes per MLL