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bọ̄th n.
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(a) A stall at a market or fair, a merchant's shop; ?also, house of prostitution [L meritorium]; (b) a temporary dwelling, arbor of branches, tent, hut; also a poor dwelling, a hovel; (c) in personal and place names [see A.H. Smith PNElem. 1.43, 65]; (d) ~ hall, ?hall in which markets are held; ~ man, keeper of a stall, shopkeeper; ~ silver, rent payment for the privilege of setting up a booth or stall.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1426 Audelay Poems (Dc 302)22/344 : Boldly þer-yn þay [lords and laymen] mon þe boþ halle.
  • Note: Supplemental material
    Note: One other occ., but in a place name.