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bōr n.
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(a) An uncastrated male swine (either wild or domesticated); (b) bores brain, brain of a boar used medicinally; bor(es grece, fat of a boar; bores herte, a bold or fierce heart; bor(es tusk, one of the canine teeth of a boar; (c) ~ pig, an ungrown male pig; gret ~, ~ singler, a full-grown wild boar; wild ~, an undomesticated boar; (d) breme as ~, fierce as a wild boar; brust (iburst) as a ~, bristly as a boar, bristling (or showing anger) like a boar; wod as a wild ~, raging like a wild boar.
Boar's flesh as food; ~ ham, the ham of a boar; braun of ~, boar meat; venisoun of ~, flesh of a wild boar.
A representation of a boar; her. a boar in a coat-of-arms.
(a) Man likened to a wild boar; esp., King Arthur, Edward III; (b) as personal name; borfis, ?boar's son [cp. fitz n.].
~ spere, a spear used in hunting boar; also, a kind of spear in military use; ~ ward, keeper of boars, swineherd.
bor(es hed: (a) the head of a wild boar; (b) boar's head served for food; (c) a representation of a boar's head used as the sign of a tavern, etc.; (d) her. boar's head in a banner, shield, or coat-of-arms; (e) mil. a wedge formation of foot troops.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450 Terms Assoc.(2) (Cmb Ll.1.18)232 : A syngulerez of wyld bores.
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Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.92ra (3.6) : Þe 3 maner of spume is..froth wiþouten eny burblis, mykel lik þe foom of a bor.
Note: Need date, sense 1.(a).