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bōle n.(1)
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Note: Cp. bullok.
(a) A bull; fre ~, a bull free to roam with the herd [see Homans Eng.Villagers 61-3]; (b) a steer or bullock.
(a) Myth. The bulls that guarded the ram with the golden fleece; (b) whit boles, the bulls that drew King Lygurgus' chariot in the legend of Palamon & Arcite.
A representation of a bull; (b) her. a figure of a bull in a coat-of-arms.
Astron. & astrol. (a) The constellation and zodiacal sign Taurus; white ~ [rendering Virgilian L candidus Taurus]; (b) used allusively of Herod.
Phrases. (a) boles blod, ~ galle, ~ grece; (b) helle(s bole, an epithet of Satan; (c) ~ of the se, some aquatic mammal [cp. se-bole].
Cpds. (a) bole(s-hide, a bull's hide, a bull's hide cut into thongs for measuring land; ~ skin; (b) ~ calf, bull calf; ~ fot, the plant coltsfoot (Tissilaga farfara); a blunder; ~ galle, gall of a bull; ~ hed, head of a bull; Minotaur; ?a stubborn person; a fish: mullet, bullhead; ~ horn, horn of a bull; ~ nekked, bull-necked; (c) ~ ring, an arena for bull-baiting, bull ring; ~ rope; ~ senewe, bull-hide whip; ~ scar, ~ stak, ?bull ring; ~ stirk, ~ stot, bullock, steer; ~ tonge, a medicinal herb; ~ yerde, bull-hide whip.
(a) As a surname; (b) in surnames: bole-clut, -finch, -fot, -hals, -herd, -herte, -heved, -hous, -lomb, -man, -nekke, -penne, -stot, -ward; (c) in place names: see A.H. Smith PNElem. 1.41, 56.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

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  • Note: New cpd.
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