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bolās n.
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(a) A wild plum (Prunus insititia), bullace; ~ fruit; ~ tre; (b) see quots.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450 Hrl.Cook.Bk.(1) (Hrl 279)24 : Take fayre Bolasse, wasshe hem clene & in Wyne boyle hem, þat þey be but skaldyd.
  • c1450 Y wandryng (Lin-O Lat.129)13 : Betyn with brere beryes and bolasoun ffyne, With blawndrellys and blanchardys hure folwyth ful fayne.
  • Note: New spelling

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400 Roy.17.A.3 Artist.Recipes (Roy 17.A.3) 240/9 : Forto colour grene leþer on þe flesh side. ℞ þe jus of blake bolacen, and wrynge hem þoru a clooþ of lynnen, [etc.].
  • Note: New spelling.