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York n.
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(a) In combs. referring to the city, county, or ecclesiastical see of York: ~ (yorkes) cite, ~ toun; ~ (yorkes) lond; ~ minster, York Minster; ~ peni, a type of bronze coin minted at York; ~ walles, the city walls of York; yorkes wold, the Yorkshire Wolds; from (to) ~ ward, from (in) the direction of York, away from (toward) York; (b) in comb. with shire, referring to the county: ~ shire, Yorkshire; ~ shire ston, a magnesian limestone quarried in Yorkshire; (c) as adj.: of York; ?also, the Yorkist party or faction [glossing L eboracensis participium]; (d) in surnames and noble titles; (e) in names of the city, county, or ecclesiastical see of York; for further exx. see EPNSoc.14 (East Riding Yks. & York) 275-76.