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yēving(e ger.
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(a) The action of conveying possession of something of one’s own or over which one has authority; the act or practice of gratuitous giving, conferring, donating, bestowing, or rewarding; giving as opposed to selling; also, the process of being awarded or dispensed; godes ~; ~ side, the sort that gives; almesse ~, alms giving [see also almesse n. 6a.(e)]; dede of ~, a written instrument of conveyance; (b) an instance of gratuitous giving, a donation; a formal grant of privileges or transfer of property; (c) the action of distributing an estate; (d) a reward, an emolument.
The giving (of comfort); the rendering (of judgment).
(a) The action of furnishing or providing something; also, that which is provided or furnished; is to ~, shall be provided [transl. of L daturus est]; (b) ~ exaumple, ensaumple (exaumple) ~, the setting of an example; leve ~, permission.
(a) The act or practice of conveying possession of something in discharge of a debt or an obligation, in exchange for something else, or in expectation of return; payment; yiftes ~; (b) the action of restoring (to sb. a faculty that is lacking or has been lost); ~ sighte.
The action of ceremonial bestowal (of a garment as a badge of office); also, ?that which is given as security or for safekeeping.
(a) The action of delivering something for another’s use or consumption, as the serving of food or drink or the administration of medicine; wine ~; (b) theol. the act or fact of Christ’s offering (of his body to sinners in the Eucharist).
(a) The action of giving (of oneself) over to an activity or a task; (b) the action of indulging (in frivolous or idle behavior).
Physiol. The act or process of transmitting (of sensation).
The action of exuding (sth.); ~ oute of, the shedding of (one’s blood).
The act of giving (advice, counsel); ~ of god counseil; a god counseil ~, an instance of giving good advice.
In fig. contexts: (a) the administration (of a sacrament); (b) the inflicting (of blows).
(a) The action of imposing (rule, discipline), the imposition (of a penance); also, the assigning (of a name); (b) the action or process of allotting or apportioning (of sth.); the distribution (of nerves throughout the body).
The act or fact of causing or bringing about a state of affairs.
In phrases with adverbs denoting relinquishment or abandonment: ~ awei, the action of relinquishing rights (over property), alienation (of property); ~ up, the action of conceding or abandoning a cause.
With ref. to God: the act or action of implanting (his laws in men’s souls), setting firmly.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.4va (Prologue) : In whiche werke forsoþe ar schewede certeynly rewles of demyng of vrynes after giffyng & teching of auctours and of comentoures of þis sciens wiþ diffiniciouns and exposiciouns of termes of sekenes.
Note: New spelling: giffing.