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windou(e n.
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Note: Cp. thirl n.
(a) An opening in the wall of a building, ship, etc., used to admit air or light and usu. fitted with a frame and glass or some similar material; also, a window fitting; in a (yon) ~, on the ~, in the area before a window, in the window space; (b) a decorative fitting for a window opening, usu. of stained glass; also in fig. context; (c) in cpds. referring to a window fitting: ~ bond, ?a window hinge; ~ leves, shutters; ~ nail;—used coll.; ~ stage, a section of a window; ~ stalle, a seat fitting in a window space; (d) in other cpds. and combs.: ~ yeld, a tax or rent, possibly based on the number of windows a building possessed; bai ~, q.v.; chaumbre (stable, etc.) ~; gable ~ [see gable n.(1) (b)]; in ~ wise, in the manner of a window; shot ~, q.v.; ston ~, a window with a stone or masonry frame; (e) her. a stylized representation of a window; poules ~, a cut-out design representing a window or windows in St. Paul’s Cathedral.
An opening, aperture; also, fig. a point of access, gateway.
A sensory organ as a point of access to the body; also fig.; five windowes; parlour ~.