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wẹ̄lden v.
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Note: Cp. awelden v., biwelden v., iwelden v.
(a) To reign; with gen.: take control (of a land); ppl. weldinge, ruling; also, dominating, mighty [quot. a1400, 2nd]; omnipotent [quot. a1150(OE)]; al-welding, q.v.; (b) to dwell, reside.
(a) To rule (an empire, a nation, city, etc.), govern; exercise sovereign power over (a people, a kingdom); (b) of God or a member of the Holy Trinity: to rule and control (the world, heaven and earth, all things, etc.) as creator and supreme master; ~ and wissen, wissen (witien) and ~; (c) to preside over (one’s own property, one’s proper domain, etc.); hold sway over (paradise, the realm of darkness, etc.).
(a) To command (sb., angels, knights, etc.); dominate (sb.), coerce; also, guide (sb.) [quot. c1450]; ~ in stere; ~ and witien; (b) to cause (sth.) to move in a certain direction; control (the sun and moon, one’s limbs, one’s tongue, etc.); also in fig. context; also, carry (firewood, clothing); hand over (weapons to sb.) [quot. c1300]; (c) to regulate (men’s deeds, oneself, one’s conduct, etc.); manage (sb., sth., oneself); also used with gen. [quot. c1175]; raise (a child); also, render (joy, a judgment); direct (sb. into the hands of death) [quot. c1200]; reduce (sth. to nothing) [quot. a1225]; also fig.; (d) to bring about (sth.), accomplish; ordain (a course of events); also, without obj., as exclamation: ~ god, may God bring it about [quot. a1300].
(a) To stand firm, prevail; (b) to overcome (sb. or sth.), subdue; also in fig. context; subjugate (a people); also, take possession of (prisoners, spoils, etc.); (c) to take power in (a region, a realm); seize power over (a land, a city, the earth, etc.); (d) to assume ownership of (a field, property, etc.), secure;—also without obj.; (e) to appropriate (authority, civil power, etc.), assume.
(a) To handle (a weapon, a tool, military equipment, etc.), use; wear (armor); make use of (one’s body); also, bear (arms), i.e., fight; (b) refl. to be competent, be able to fend for oneself.
(a) Ppl. weldinge, being in possession; also, maintaining possession (of honor); (b) to possess (money, goods, etc.); have (wealth, etc.) at one’s command; have the use of (sth.) as one’s own;—also without obj. [quot. a1375]; (c) to take possession of (sth.) as an inheritance; inherit (sth.); also in fig. context; ~ in heritage; (d) to keep possession of (sth.); keep (an animal) confined, hold; keep (Christ) in one’s heart; keep (sb. or sth.) from harm, preserve; also in fig. context; ~ from wothes.
(a) To be in possession of (health, strength, beauty, human faculties, etc.); also, be characterized by (haughtiness); ~ feith, maintain loyalty (to sb.); ~ lesinge, ?persist in falsehood; ?inherit false teachings, be deceived [cp. sense 5.(c)]; ~ the lif, be alive; (b) to have (power, might, skill, etc.) at one’s disposal, command; also, lay claim to (rank) [last quot.]; (c) to have (honor, renown, etc.) as something earned, merit; win (love); also, acquire (wisdom, prudence, etc.) for oneself, get; also in fig. context; ~ herte, ?acquire understanding, gain wisdom; (d) to enjoy (bliss, love, etc.); experience (wonder, woe, etc.); secure possession of (eternal life, sth. long desired, etc.).
To take (sb.) in marriage; be married to (sb.); fig. accept (Christ); also, have (sb.) as a lover; also, possess (a lover); ~ as hous-bonde (wif), ~ to spouse (wif); ~ lemman, accept (sb.) as a lover; ~ lord, take (sb.) as husband.
To take in (sth.), include.