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wau(e n.
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(a) A wave of water, esp. in the sea; ?also, a current; gon in wawes, to become tempestuous; (b) pl. the sea, seen as a collection of individual waves; (c) used metonymically: the sea; water; ~ of the se, se (ses, wateres) ~; bringen in-to ~, to stir (the sea) into a rough sea; rechen ~, of a ship: sail; (d) a wave as an image of instability or of an overwhelming force or of adversity; also in stock similes; (e) an undulation in sand, a ripple; (f) a stylized image of a wave.
(a) A welling or gushing of water in a spring or well; (b) a welling of tears; also, a flowing of blood [2nd quot.].