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blessen v.
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(a) Of God, Christ: to bestow divine favor upon (sb., sth.), confer divine blessing upon (sb.); endow with (sth.); make (a nation, the earth) flourish or prosper, grant well-being or success; bless spiritually; (b) to choose (sb.) for eternal blessedness, grant (someone's soul) bliss of heaven, beatify; theol. endow (God the Son or the Holy Ghost) with divine bliss; (c) as an invocation or greeting: God (Christ) the blesse, God bless you!; blessed mot ʒe be, may you enjoy God's blessing!; God blesse his soule, God rest his soul!; etc.
Of a bishop, priest, etc.: (a) to pronounce a solemn blessing on (sb.), confer an ecclesiastical or patriarchal blessing; (b) to ask or desire God's blessing for (sb.); also, wish well to; show favor, do good to (sb.); (c) to ask God's blessing; ~ mete (bred), say grace over one's food.
(a) To make (sb.) fortunate or happy, be a blessing to; regard (sb.) as fortunate; (b) to order (one's conduct) well;(c) ?to bring into agreement.
(a) To deliver (sb. from evil, etc.); (b) to protect (from sth.), guard (against sth.).
To bless (sb., oneself) with the sign of the Cross; make the sign of the Cross; cross (oneself); ~ with the left hand, to curse.
(a) To make or pronounce (sth.) holy, hallow; consecrate by a religious rite, dedicate to religious use; (b) to consecrate (sb.) to (religious office), invest with the dignity of (bishop, abbot, king).
(a) To worship (a deity); glorify, extol; (b) to render thanks to (God), praise gratefully; (c) to give thanks to (sb.), salute, be grateful; say thanks for (sth.), express gratitude; (d) to curse (sb.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (c1384) WBible(1) (Dc 369(2)) Dan.3.57 : Blesse ʒe, alle the werkis of the Lord, to the Lord.
  • Note: Sense 7.(a)
    Note: 'alle..Lord' is direct address, not a d. ob. of blesse--per MJW