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warnishen v.
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Note: Cp. garnishen v. & (for sense 2.) warnen v.
(a) To furnish (a city, castle, etc.) with supplies of foodstuffs or with men, provision, garrison; also, man (boats); equip (a house) for defense, fortify, make secure; (b) in Biblical usage: ppl. warnished, of a city, house, place, etc.: fortified, impregnable; secure, safe;—also interpreted as of God, the world, heaven, or hell; of a covenant: irrevocable; (c) fig. to strengthen or edify (the church with virtues and learning); reinforce (charity with other virtues); (d) to furnish (soldiers) with the necessary horses, arms, etc., fit out; equip (sb. with armor); also in fig. context, used without obj. [quot. a1450]; furnish (sb., oneself) with the soldiers, munitions, etc. necessary for defense; (e) to protect or save (sb.) [cp. warishen v. 3.(b)].
(a) To urge (sb. to do sth.), exhort; turn (sb.) from a course of action, esp. by consideration of its consequences; also, give (sb.) a command or directive [2nd quot.]; (b) ?to inform (sb.) in advance (about sth.).