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war-lou n.
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(a) One who is disloyal to king or country, a traitor; a criminal, felon; also with diminished force as a term of abuse; (b) a wicked person, sinner; an impious person, infidel; a deceiver; also used as a general term of reproach; also in comb. or used adjectivally: ~ wolf, a wicked or malignant predator; (c) one who is possessed of occult knowledge or clairvoyance, a soothsayer; one who practices occult arts, a sorcerer, warlock.
(a) A damned soul; also, a demon, an evil spirit; an idol or a false god regarded as demonic; with ~ taken, demon-possessed; (b) the devil, Satan; also in combs. or with uninfl. gen.: ~ brid, ~ ouen child; warloues werkes, the devil’s works, sins.
A monstrous or hideous creature;—used as a term for a giant, a centaur, Cerberus, Goliath, Leviathan, etc.; ~ hethen thing, ?a monster, heathen creature; ?used adjectivally: a monstrous heathen creature.
In surnames and place name [see Smith PNElem. 2.255].