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blē̆nden v.(2)
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(a) To mix or blend (two things or one thing with another); ~ samme, ~ togeder; ~ among, ~ with; (b) to intersperse; suffuse; (c) to penetrate (sth.); immerse (in sth.); engulf (bi sth.).
blenden blod, to spill or shed blood.
Of a person: to mingle or have dealings (with others); ~ flesh, have intercourse.
(a) To mingle (good deeds with bad ones, bliss with woe, etc.); (b) to infuse or inspire (sb. with charity, etc.); (c) blent in blisse, immersed or bathed in bliss.
(a) To stir up or agitate (sth.); (b) mi blod is blent, I am distressed.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1390 I warne vche (Vrn)30 : Be war his wraþþe..But bisy þe her bale to blynne, Þat blaberyng are wiþ oþes blent.
  • Note: Antedates 4.(a)