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wamelen v.
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(a) To feel nausea; ?also, retch or vomit; ppl. wamling as adj.: producing or accompanied by nausea, nauseous; (b) ~ and tumblen, to heave oneself about, roll around.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450(1438) GLeg.Dominic (GiL106) (Eg 876) 540/78 : Ye wolde haue dismembrid me membre from membre and thanne leyde my membres before my syght, and atte the laste that ye hadde putte oute myn eyen and so lefte my body al tohewen halff quicke wamelynge in his owne bloode.
  • Note: Editor: "wamelynge: toullier Ps, uolutari LgA, 'twisting around'...this belong to sense (b), 'roll around', for which the only citation is dated a1450."
    Note: Additional quote, sense (b).
    Note: ?Modity sense, removing ~ and tumblen stipulation.