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vī̆āǧe n.
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(a) A journey by land or sea; a pilgrimage; a journey of adventure; the journey and sojourn of an ambassador [quot. a1475]; also, travel [quot. a1420]; don (gon, holden, maken, nimen, taken) ~, wenden (on) ~; eleccioun of ~, astrol. the act or process of choosing the starting time of a journey on the basis of astrology; (b) a military expedition; a martial undertaking; ~ roial, roial ~, an expedition led by the king in person; (c) fig. a spiritual journey through life toward heaven; maken ~, to set (one’s) course (to hell); taken to his ~, of death personified: set (sb.) on a journey with him, i.e., claim (a dead person); (d) an enterprise, undertaking.