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blacche n.
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(a) A black pigment or dye; esp., black ink; (b) black color; (c) a black person; (d) ~ of souteres, a company of cobblers; (e) ~ man, ?a maker or seller of black ink or dye; ~ pot, an inkpot.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Ashm.1393 Artist.Recipes (Ashm 1393) 158/23 : Forto make blak water..Tak li. .ij. of alren ryndis..and poune well..and do hem in .iij. potelle of blache of sou [read: souteres] and seþe hem with febull fyre.
  • a1500 Hnt.HM.64 Artist.Recipes (Hnt HM 64) 280/5 : Forto make blacke water..put therto a quarte of blacche and set hit ouer the fyer.
  • a1500 Adv.23.7.11 Artist.Recipes (Adv 23.7.11) 297/26 : Forto dye russet silke..take þe quantyte of a erwte sho-makeris blakke þat is called 'blacche', and a handefulle of barke of hoke, [etc.].
  • Note: Glossary: "blac(c)he n. 'green vitriol (iron sulphate)'...'the same material also termed souters ~, ~ of souteres, sowters ~, sho-makeris ~, "shoemaker's black"'."
    Note: First quot. offers new sense for (d) ~ of souteres = 'preparation used by shoemakers for blacking leather; blacking'.
    Note: Second and third quots. = supplementary material, sense (a).
    Note: See also MED blek n. & blak n.
    Note: OED separates the forms in -e- and the forms in -a- into separate words, bleach n.2 and blatch n. respectively.