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(a) In various phrases taken from OF; see a- pref. (2) 3; (b) in surnames derived from place names, such as a Becket, Anorthbrok.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1400 Brut-1333 (Rwl B.171)251/24 : Criede somme 'Noward! Noward!' and anoþere tyme 'A Douglas! A Douglas!'
  • a1425 *York MGame [OD col.] (Bod 546)viii.38 : The fyxene of þe wolf is a sawt ones yn þe ȝeer.
  • ?a1425(a1400) Brut-1377 (Corp-C 174)302/35 : Þe King..cried on hey, 'A sent Edward! a sent Gorge!'
  • Note: ?Sense (a) - slip reads 'new sense, which should be (a)--JL