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bī̆-smār(e n.
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Ridicule, mockery, derision, disdain, or an instance of it; on (a) or for ~, by way of mockery or ridicule, tauntingly, derisively; driven to ~, engage in mockery, make fun of, be amused, ridicule (sb.); laughen (tuken) to ~, ridicule or mock (sb.), make sport of; taken on ~, treat with ridicule, deride.
Scorn, contempt; vilification; also, a taunt or insult; ~ word [OE bismær-word], an insult; for ~, for shame!; don ~, insult or disgrace (sb.), treat with contempt; bringen to ~, make (sth.) contemptible; driven to ~, disgrace (sb.); tuken to ~, treat (sb.) shamefully.
(a) A shameful, miserable, or degraded condition, shame; an object of ridicule or contempt; o bisemare, for shame!; (b) a contemptible creature, a wretch.