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uggen v.
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(a) To be fearful, fear; also, tremble, shudder, quake;—also refl. [quot. ?c1450]; ~ with, be fearful because of (sth., a devil), shudder at, dread; (b) impers. him uggeth, he fears (to do sth.); you uggeth with, you shudder at (sth.); (c) to dread (sth.); also, with inf.: dread (to do sth.).
(a) To feel loathing or disgust; ~ with (ayen, of), feel disgust at (sb. or sth.), loathe, detest; impers. him uggeth ther-with, he feels disgust at something [quot. c1450, 1st]; (b) to loathe (sth.), abhor, detest; ?also, avoid (sth.) [quot. ?a1425]; also, with inf.: detest (doing sth. or seeing sb.), hate (to do sth.) [this sense sometimes difficult to distinguish from sense 1.(c) and vice versa]; (c) to cause (sb.) to feel loathing or disgust; ~ min eres, sound disgusting; (d) ?to cause (venison) to become loathsome, i.e., rancid; ?error (with preceding ne) for neighen v.(1).