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trǒut n.
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(a) Any of several food or game fish of the genus Salmo, prob. including the common trout (S. fario) and salmon trout (S. salar) and perh. also the sea trout (S. trutta);—freq. as a commodity; (b) a trout or the flesh of a trout considered as a food or as an ingredient in a dish; a dish of cooked trout; also as an ingredient in a medicinal preparation [quot. c1450 Med.Bk.(1)]; (c) in prov. or conventional comparison: hole as a (ani) ~, hole sum ani ~ [cp. fish n. 4., pike n.(2) (c), pikerel n. (b), etc.]; (d) in surnames; (e) in place names [see Smith PNElem.2.188].