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trestel n.
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(a) A support, usu. two-legged and employed in pairs, for boards or planks serving as a tabletop, a base, trestle;—also coll.; paire (of) trestel(es; (b) a bracing or supporting structure consisting of uprights and a crossbeam, a frame on which heavy objects, such as the works of a mill, scaffolding, a bell, gun, etc., rest; also, a component of such a structure, ?a beam [quot. ?a1400]; ~ hed, ?the crossbeam of a trestle supporting the joists of a house; (c) pl. supports from which a strainer is suspended; (d) ?a table made of a board or boards on trestles, a trestle table; ~ wise, ?in the manner or style of a trestle table.
A three-legged stool or seat; a tripod, trivet.
?A construction consisting of a crossbeam or beams attached to the trunk of a tree to provide a concealed seat for a hunter [cp. MnE trestletree].